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Move a node

Created by Alex Pop, last updated 07 Aug 2020

Moves a node.

This is a special case of updating a node. By changing the parent id of a node and updating the node and all of its children will be moved so that they are now descendants of the parent node, with the same hierarchical structure.

update(node: Node): Promise<Node>


let node = {
    "id": "d6bdea41-729c-4a07-85bf-a392aa0afc2b",
     // Change the parent id to move the node
    "parentId": "f3322e4f-72b5-4064-be88-fcfed6c82635",
    "displayName": {
        "en-GB": "Tiger Escaped From Zoo"
    "slug": {
        "en-GB": "tiger-escaped-from-zoo"
    "entryId": "9272ac06-1b3a-4e68-ac1b-a05828b0f7d6"
  .then(result => {      
    console.log('API call result: ', result);              
  .catch(error => {
    console.log('API call fetch error: ', error);