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Add a component to a content type

Created by Alex Pop on 19 Dec 2019

Components are added to a content type as a field just like any other field, however the dataFormat of the field specifies the id of the component to add.

For example if you have a component with an id of "movieRole" then the dataFormat value would be "component.movieRole".


    "name": {  
        "en-GB":"Movie Role"
    "description": {  
        "en-GB":"The movie Role"

  .then(result => {      
    console.log('API call result: ', result);              
  .catch(error => {
    console.log('API call fetch error: ', error);      

After a content type has been saved with a component field, all of the component's fields are added to a nested fields collection within the component field on the content type. A components' fields are read-only, and cannot be modified from the content type.