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Created by j.moore, last modified by m.summerfield on 16 Jan 2023

A user resource contains profile and workflow details for a user. Extended profile properties for a user can be specified in the custom field.


NameData typeData formatDescription
idstringGUIDThe user identifier as a 128 bit GUID
usernamestringThe user's username
emailstringThe user's email
firstNamestringThe user's first name
lastNamestringThe user's last name
timezonestringtimezone offset nameThe user's timezone preference
languagestringlanguage codeThe user's language preference
custom.*objectAdditional custom data stored against the user
credentialsobjectContainer for authentication details
credentials.passwordstringThe password value when creating a user. The value is never returned in a response
credentials.passwordChangeFrequencyintegerSets the number of days before a password expires and has to be changed, unless set to 0, in which case the password never expires. This property can only be set by System Administrators. For Active Directory integrated users, the value is always null and cannot be changed.
statusobjectContainer for status information
status.activebooleanA flag to indicate whether the user is active
status.lockedbooleanA flag to indicate whether the user's access has been locked
status.passwordResetRequiredbooleanA flag to indicate whether the user's password requires resetting
createddatetimeThe date and time the user was first created
modifieddatetimeThe date and time the user was modified
lastLogindatetimeThe date and time the user last logged-in
lastFailedLogindatetimeThe date and time of the last unsuccessful login attempt for the user
expirydatetimedatetimeThe expiry date for the user
passwordChangeddatetimeThe date and time the user's password was last changed
failedLoginAttemptsintegerintegerThe total number of times this user has failed to log in. This includes entering a correct username and password on a locked account.
failedLoginAttemptsSinceLastSuccessintegerintegerThe total number of failed login attempts since the user's last successful login. This will be reset to 0 upon successful login.
successfulLoginAttemptsintegerintegerThe total number of successful login attempts by this user.


An example user resource

{ "id": "e09e77b9-9dd9-4d46-b7dd-deb9702a5835", "username": "s.yearsley", "email": "", "firstName": "Tyler", "lastName": "Durden", "timezone": "America/New_York", "language": "en-GB", "custom": { "title": "Mr", "department": "finance" }, "credentials": { "provider": { "type": "contensis", "name": "contensis" } }, "status": { "suspended": true, "locked": false, "passwordResetRequired": false }, "created": "2020-06-24T16:39:18.000Z", "modified": "2020-06-24T16:39:18.000Z", "lastLogin": "2020-06-24T16:39:18.000Z", "lastFailedLogin": "2019-06-24T16:39:18.000Z", "expiry": "2050-12-31T23:59:59.999Z", "passwordChanged": "2020-06-24T16:39:18.000Z", "failedLoginAttempts": 4, "failedLoginAttemptsSinceLastSuccess": 0, "successfulLoginAttempts": 3 }