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HTTP - Management


Created by Contensis product team, last modified by zengenti on 21 Jan 2021

Role definitions in the Management API contain permissions associated with content types and entries, and other resource types (e.g. webhook subscriptions, proxies, event streams), with users and groups assigned to those permissions.


NameData typeData formatDescriptionExample
nameobjectlocalized valueThe name of the role.
descriptionobjectlocalized valueThe description of the role.
enabledbooleanIf true then this role is enabled, otherwise false.
permissionsobject[...]Permissions associated with content types and entries.
permissions.entriesobject[...]An array of permissions for entries
permissions.entries.languagesstring[...]One or more languages to give permissions to. * denotes all languages.
permissions.entries.actionsstring[...]One or more actions to give permission to. denotes all actions. *{workflowStateName}.* denotes all permissions applicable to the given workflow state.
assignmentsobject[...]An array of assignments for entries
assignments.usersstring[...]Zero or more user names
assignments.groupsstring[...]Zero or more group names
assignments.apiKeysstring[...]Zero or more API key names


{ "id": "34f503ca-fd44-4d47-b86a-c9d94c4d5d54", "projectId": "website", "name": { "en-GB": "Movie Editors" }, "description": { "en-GB": "Movie editors can edit movie entries, but not submit or approve them" }, "enabled": true, "permissions": { "entries": [ { "id": "movie", "languages": [ "en-GB" ], "actions": [ "sys.update", "draft.*", "awaitingApproval.revoke" ] } ], "assets": [{ "id": "*", "languages": ["*"], "actions": ["contensisEntryBasic.*"] } ], "webhookSubscriptions": { "actions": ["create", "view"] }, "proxies": { "actions": ["create", "update", "publish"] }, "eventStreams": { "actions": ["connect", "useCustomTemplates"] } }, "assignments": { "users": [ "f.haygood" ], "groups": [ "Movie Editors" ], "apiKeys": [ "Movie Import" ] } }