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Created by s.horan, last modified by zengenti on 17 Jan 2023

The block resource contains an overview of a block along with a list of all available branches.


NameData typeData formatDescriptionExample
idstringThe block identifier. It must begin with a letter and only contain lowercase alphanumeric characters and hyphen separatorsmovie-listing
descriptionstringThe description of the block
liveVersionnumberintegerThe version number of the last version made live
madeLivedatetimedatetimeThe last time the block was made live
versionsSinceLivenumberintegerA count of versions created since the block was last made live
projectIdstringThe project identifier found in the project overview screen of the management consolemovieDb
branchesobject[...]An array of branches which are available for the block
branches.idstringThe name of the branchmain


[ { "id": "movie-listing", "description": "Displays the main listing for movies on the movie example site", "liveVersion": 4, "versionsSinceLive": 2, "madeLive": "2021-03-02T11:16:01.408Z", "projectId": "movieDb", "branches": [ { "id": "main" } ] } ]