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Workflow event parameters

Created by c.neale, last modified by r.saunders on 24 Sep 2021

The parameter object defines a message to be displayed in the Contensis UI when a workflow event is triggered, and the validation to be performed.

Currently the only editor supported for use in workflow definitions is the multiline editor, which displays a customisable message to the user when the parent event is triggered to prompt the user to enter text, e.g. when submitting an entry for approval.

This editor can be used in conjunction with the required validation to make entering text mandatory.


NameData typeData formatDescription
idstringThe identifier for the parameter.
nameobjectlocalized valueThe friendly name given to the parameter.
descriptionobjectlocalized valueThe description given to the parameter.
dataTypestringThis should be set to "string".
defaultobjectThis should be set to null.
validationsobject[...]validationThe validation to be used.
editorobjecteditorThe editor to be used.


This example shows a parameter as used in a workflow definition.

{ "id": "decline", "name": { "en-GB": "Decline" }, "auditText": { "en-GB": "Declined" }, "description": { "en-GB": "Decline the entry for approval" }, "transitionTo": "declined", "color": "red", "groupId": "approveDecline", "uiAction": "navigateToEntryListing", "validate": false, "parameters": [ { "id": "message", "name": { "en-GB": "Add a message to explain to the author why this content is being declined" }, "dataType": "string", "dataFormat": null, "description": { "en-GB": "The decline reason" }, "default": null, "validations": { "required": { "message": { "en-GB": "The decline reason is required" } } }, "editor": { "id": "multiline", "instructions": { "en-GB": "Include a message to let an approver know your changes" }, "properties": null } } ] }