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HTTP - Management


Created by j.moore, last updated 07 Jul 2020

The version object contains the version status information for the current version of the resource.


NameData typeData formatDescription
createdBystringThe user id of who created the resource
createdstringdatetimeThe date and time the resource was created
modifiedBystringThe user id of who last modified the resource
modifiedstringdatetimeThe date and time the resource version was last modified
publishedBy stringThe user id of who last published the resource
versionNostring{Major}.{Minor}The version number of the resource


{ "version": { "createdBy": "s.derrickson", "created": "2016-10-12T09:29:18.5144641+01:00", "modifiedBy": "b.cumberbatch", "modified": "2016-10-13T10:15:12.1973648+01:00", "publishedBy": "b.cumberbatch", "published": "2016-10-13T10:15:12.1973648+01:00", "versionNo": "2.0" } }