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Image transformations

Created by j.moore, last modified by zengenti on 13 May 2022

The transformation object represents the transformations that will be applied to the image using the Image API


NameData typeDescription
sizeobjectThe image height and width resize transformations
flipstringThe orientation flip name to apply
cropobjectThe image crop details specifying width and height, and x and y coordinates
qualityintegerThe quality in percentage


{ "poster": { "asset": { "sys": { "id": "fab3fdc6-89fd-4efa-bfe0-30722fb87661", "dataFormat": "asset", "contentTypeId": "image" } }, "caption": "Interstellar Movie Poster", "transformations": { "size": { "height": 100, "width": 100 }, "flip": "h", "rotate": 95, "crop": { "width": 100, "height": 100, "x": 10, "y": 20 }, "quality": 95 } }