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Created by Contensis product team, last modified by zengenti on 13 May 2022

An image type is a container of an image asset with an associated caption and alt text.


NameData typeData formatDescription
assetobjectassetThe asset that is linked to from the entry
altTextstringThe image alt text, defined in the entry
captionstringThe image caption, defined in the entry
transformationsobjectimage transformationThe transformations that will be applied to the image


{ "asset": { "sys": { "id": "a83c9fcc-51ef-41aa-878f-af5a33ba4b2f", "dataFormat": "asset", "contentTypeId": "image", "language": "en-GB" } }, "caption": "Fight club is a great film!", "altText": "The 1999 Fight Club image poster", "transformations": { "size": { "height": 100, "width": 100 }, "flip": "h", "rotate": 95, "crop": { "width": 100, "height": 100, "x": 10, "y": 20 }, "quality": 95 } }