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Composed field

Created by Contensis product team, last modified by r.turner on 22 Jul 2020

The composed field type contains the data that the composer editor defines. It is an array of objects which expose type and value properties. The type property is a name given to an allowed field type validation defined in the content type that the entry is based on. The value contains the data for the field.

An allowed field type is essentially any standard field (such as Image, Heading, Location, etc.) that restricts what types of field can be added to a composed field.

For example, an allowed field could be defined with a type of Heading and named mainHeading or with a type of Image and named bannerImage. There can be multiple allowed fields based on the same type, but a composed field cannot contain other composed fields.


NameData typeDescription
typestringThe field name given to a field type defined in the content type
valueanyThe value of the field, which can be of any type