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Created by Richard Saunders, last modified by noellambertwork on 21 Dec 2017

The quote object represents a section of referenced text from an external source.


Name Type Format Description
text string The quote text
source string The source of the quote


<blockquote id="film_quote"></blockquote>
(function(Zengenti) {
    // Create a client
    var client = Zengenti.Contensis.Client.create();

    $(function() {
        var movieId = 'd11315cb-4278-455b-84bb-04698db0ebd2';

        // Get the default language variation of the film
        client.entries.get(movieId).then(function(film) {    
            // Get the memorable quote value
            var filmQuote = film.memorableQuote;  

            // display the quote's text and source
                .attr('cite', filmQuote.source);

        }, function(error) {