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Created by Richard Saunders, last modified by noellambertwork on 21 Dec 2017

An image type is a container of an image asset with an associated caption.


Name Type Format Description
asset object Asset The asset that is linked to from the entry
caption string The image caption, defined in the entry

Note The caption property allows instance specific text to be associated with a linked image asset.


<figure id="film_cover">
    <img />
    <figcaption />
(function(Zengenti) {
    // Create a client
    var client = Zengenti.Contensis.Client.create();

    $(function() {
        var movieId = 'd11315cb-4278-455b-84bb-04698db0ebd2';

        // Get the default language variation of the film
        client.entries.get({ id: movieId, linkDepth: 1 }).then(function(film) {    
            // Get the cover image value
            var coverImage = film.coverImage;  

            // display the cover image
            $('img', '#film_cover')
                    src: coverImage.asset.sys.uri,
                    altText: coverImage.asset.altText,
            // display the image caption
            $('figcaption', '#film_cover')

        }, function(error) {