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HTTP - Delivery

Access token

Created by j.moore, last modified by r.turner on 16 Jul 2020

API access token resource


NameData typeData formatDescription
idstringThe access token identifier as a 128 bit GUID.
namestringThe access token name
descriptionstringAn optional description for the access token
tokenstringThe generated access token value
enabledbooleanA flag to enable or disable the access token
versionobjectversionThe version details for the proxy resource
scopesstring[...]{projectId}_{api}The list of project api scopes, e.g. website_delivery


    "id": "8f3dad0f-9ac3-450f-a825-0457542c04c7",
    "name": "Main website",
    "description": "Allows read/write for website project and also access to internal for meeting information",
    "token": "3gNAeyXAqClzWd4XH8kL4zFgxskDntaNtPkVXBOXjFKs6Mx3",
    "enabled": true,
    "scopes": [