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Created by Richard Saunders, last modified by noellambertwork on 15 Dec 2017


This type contains all the information relating to the versioning information for an entry or an asset. The Created and CreatedBy property values are established upon creation of the resource and do not change, whereas the remaining property values change as the resource is either modified or published.


Name Type Description
Created DateTime The date the entry was created
CreatedBy string The user id of who created the entry
Modified DateTime The date the entry version was last modified
ModifiedBy string The user id of who last modified the entry
Published DateTime The date the entry version was last published
PublishedBy string The user id of who last published the entry
VersionNo string The version of the entry


The VersionNo follows a two-part versioning scheme:


The minor part is incremented on every successful update to the entry. The major part is incremented once the entry has been approved and subsequently published, which in turn resets the minor part to zero.


Get the published date of an entry

@using Zengenti.Contensis.Delivery;

    // Create an API client
    var client = ContensisClient.Create();

    // Retrieve a movie by it's ID.
    var movie = client.Entries.Get("0aabad4e-a083-4a88-bd75-b2674e2f8298");

<p>Published date: @movie.Version.Published</p>