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The ultimate guide to content strategy and content governance

A getting started guide for content strategy and content governance.

23 pages
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The ultimate guide to content strategy and content governance

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Thanks to the internet, the way consumers shop has changed and as a result, traditional marketing methods are becoming less effective. 

Luckily with the change in buying behaviour, there has also been a change in marketing strategies. That is where content marketing comes into play.

Key takeaways

  • Traditional marketing activities aren't as effective as they once were, so the way we approach consumers has to change.

  • Content needs to be high quality to help your business reach their goals. Also be sure you know what you're trying to achieve when creating content. 

  • There is no point having great quality content, if you haven't got a content governance plan in place. 


Mike HarrisCampaign manager

Mike is a campaign manager in our marketing team. His background is in digital marketing, specialising in search engine optimisation and pay per click advertising.

Danielle MeeCampaign manager

Danielle is a campaign manager working within the marketing team. Her background is in global B2B marketing, with a focus on digital marketing campaigns.