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National Museums NI

About National Museums Northern Ireland

National Museums Northern Ireland (NMNI) is the organisation that runs four museums in Ulster, with 1.4 million objects across the group, NMNI promotes history, art, science and the culture of the people of Northern Ireland.


Cultra, Northern Ireland



NMNI had battled with a time-consuming and outdated CMS that didn’t fully meet their requirements. After starting to work with Contensis and the team at Zengenti, when the museums’ visitors stopped due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they were able to put their website to work instead.

Zengenti’s approach is very different. We had full visibility of the roadmap and we got to make suggestions, give feedback and have influence, which is unheard of.

David MilnesDeveloperNational Museums Northern Ireland
Screen showing a list of times to select a booking from at NMNI
The booking system implemented using Contensis

Contensis is easy to use and provides a lot of flexibility for designers, developers and marketers. Once someone understands how to do one thing in Contensis they can do everything in Contensis, it’s that straightforward because everything is documented so well. The Zengenti team are also very easy to work with and has been like an extension of our team.

David MilnesDeveloperNational Museums Northern Ireland
Screen showing a thank you page to let users know their order has been successful
The confirmation message users had to confirm their order had been successful