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Why content can't be an afterthought

Drew DinneenHead of professional services
6 min read16 February 2022

So, today’s the day. After months of gathering requirements, tendering, assessing, selecting and contract wrangling, today is finally the day when we can get to work on the actual ‘doing’.

“Using dummy content or fake information in the web design process can result in products with unrealistic assumptions and potentially serious design flaws.”

Luke Wroblewski, Google

“No respected architect would plan out rooms without first considering the activities that will occur in those rooms. No caterer would lay out a buffet with serving platters without first planning the content of those dishes to determine the best style, form, and size for the job.”

Margot Bloomstein, Appropriate, Inc

“In the space of digital design, if we ensure that our simplest dynamic systems of content, structure and meaning-making work as intended at a foundational level, then we can lay the groundwork for larger, more complex systems that also work as intended."

Andy Fitzgerald, Smashing Magazine

“We never use lorem ipsum at any stage of the design process. We can’t know if we’re solving the right problem, can’t get proper feedback from our peers, and can’t test anything with users if there aren’t real words in our designs.”

Biz Sanford, Shopify
Drew DinneenHead of professional services

Drew is head of professional services at Zengenti, the company behind Contensis.

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