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We're a momentum leader - winter 2024.

Contensis shines with 16 badges in G2's winter 2024 reports, including 2 new accolades

Contensis is announced as Best Relationship in the Enterprise Winter 2024 report

Laura McCulloughDigital campaign coordinator
less than a minute18 December 2023

What is G2?

G2 is a platform that provides user reviews for business software and services. It helps businesses make informed decisions based on the experiences of other users.

Best Relationship and Momentum Leader in Web content management

Among the notable achievements is adding two new badges – Best Relationship and Momentum Leader in the Web Content Management category. This recognition emphasises Contensis's commitment to fostering strong connections with its users and its ability to lead the pack regarding market momentum.

We're a momentum leader winter 2024.
We're a momentum leader in G2 Winter 2024 report.

Headless CMS recognition

Contensis has secured 2 High Performer and 1 Leader badge in the Headless CMS category. This recognition acknowledges the platform's excellence in delivering headless content management solutions, reflecting its high-performance standards and leadership in the competitive landscape.

Web content management system domination

Contensis continues its dominance in the Web Content Management category with an outstanding display of 8 High Performer and 3 Leader badges. These awards signify the platform's consistent delivery of top-notch web content management services, setting it apart as a leader and high performer in the industry.

Understanding the badges

Best Relationship Badge: This badge is awarded to platforms that build strong user relationships, indicating high customer satisfaction and dedication to customer success.

Momentum Leader Badge: This badge recognises platforms that exhibit exceptional growth and momentum in the market, highlighting their ability to stay ahead of industry trends and evolving user needs.

Leader Badge: Awarded to platforms that consistently demonstrate excellence and leadership in their respective categories, leaders are considered the top performers with a proven track record of delivering exceptional solutions.

High Performer Badge: This badge is for platforms that consistently receive positive user reviews, reflecting their commitment to providing high-quality products and services.

A review from G2, "We've used Contensis for over a decade, it's reliable and adaptable for our needs."
A review from G2, "We've used Contensis for over a decade, it's reliable and adaptable for our needs."

Are you a proud user of Contensis?

If you are already a user of Contensis, now is the perfect time to share your experience. Join the community of satisfied users and contribute to Contensis's success by writing a G2 review. Your insights matter and can help others make informed decisions. Leave your review and join the Contensis success story.

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Laura McCulloughDigital campaign coordinator

Laura is a Digital campaign coordinator at Zengenti. She works between our marketing team and client account managers.

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