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An abstract illustration of the new Contensis CMS Canvas editor.
New features

Canvas – an easier way to create and deliver long-form content

Ryan BromleyProduct owner and content strategist
7 min read11 January 2024

Headless CMS platforms are a game changer in many ways. Storing content as highly structured data broken down into many individual fields unlocks almost endless possibilities for organising, reusing, and distributing your content. All those neat little pieces of data are perfect for developers looking to deliver them to just the right place in a website, app, or search.

Effortlessly store, decorate and validate your content

Write, navigate and update using the keyboard

Paste content from anywhere

Write without distractions in document mode

Take control of small blocks of rich-text using field mode

Save content as JSON

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Ryan BromleyProduct owner and content strategist

Ryan is a product owner and content strategist in the team that develops

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