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5 reasons you can't afford to miss Zengenti Velocity

This year we’re embarking on a new adventure. Say hello to Zengenti Velocity.

Marketing teamZengenti
2 min read18 September 2019

Kicking off this November we’ll be hosting a day of feature updates, workshops and one-to-one catch-ups with our teams. You will also have the opportunity to test drive new product features and share your thoughts.

Our first Zengenti Velocity event will take place on 7 November at The Trampery – the first startup workspace in East London’s Tech City. The Trampery provides space and support for entrepreneurs and creative businesses. It’s a comfortable, bright, and airy venue that we’re confident you’re going to love.

Here are 5 reasons why you really can’t afford to miss our new and exciting Zengenti Velocity event.

1. It’s free

We understand that it can be hard to get time out of the office and to get the budget to attend conferences and events. That’s why we keep all of our community events totally free! We will even make sure you are fuelled for the day with regular coffee (or tea) breaks and lunch.

2. There’s no need to decide which event to attend

You might have been to a Rocket conference or attended a Contensis user group in the past. Perhaps you’ve even attended both? You might have been unsure which to go to, and – more importantly – what you were going to get out of the day. With Zengenti Velocity, that’s all about to change. One event, one choice.

3. You'll find out what we're planning, and why

Over the last few months, there have been a lot of changes to Contensis. It’s safe to say it’s been an exciting journey for us. Zengenti Velocity is your opportunity to learn all about the new features and functionality we’ve added to Contensis (and what’s in the pipeline) from Contensis product owner, Richard Saunders. More importantly, we will explain why we’ve made the latest developments. Are you ready to jump on board with us?

4. There’ll be something for everyone

Whether you’re a developer or content author who uses Contensis every day, or you head up a team who uses the system, Zengenti Velocity will give you valuable takeaways to support you in your role. It’s an event for everyone.

5. Great networking opportunities

There will be plenty of opportunities to chat with other Contensis users during the coffee breaks and breakout sessions. It’s a great day out of the office to meet new people and other members of the community. 
The creators of Contensis and the Zengenti team will also be around, and they’d love to catch up with you!
If that’s not enough chatting, after Zengenti Velocity we will also take you for a drink at a nearby venue so we can carry on the discussions – so be sure to give yourselves an hour after the event for a quick beverage.

So, now you know all about Zengenti Velocity. Are you ready to embark on an exciting new journey with us?

Marketing teamZengenti

The team at Zengenti responsible for telling the world about Contensis.

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