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Developing with Contensis

Whether you’re building websites, apps, or other software, there’s no set way of working. We know that technology improves, standards change, frameworks come and go. Contensis is designed to let you work the way that you want – not the other way around.

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Delivering content using our APIs

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The Delivery API

The Delivery API is a platform-agnostic API designed to deliver content created in content types and entries to your website or application. Whether you need 1 piece of data or 100,000, Contensis only returns what you request – delivering your content as efficiently as possible.

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The Image API

The Image API lets you manipulate and apply image transformations to images in Contensis and speed up image delivery. You're able to upload an image once and deliver it in multiple sizes using non-destructive query string parameters.

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The Management API

The Management API allows you to create and manage entries within Contensis. You can easily import/integrate content from other systems. The API is a RESTful service to ensure maximum compatibility, delivering content as JSON and resource files (assets) as text or binary files.

Why Contensis?

A flexible content type builder

Model content to suit your needs. Add validations and content guidelines to keep quality high.

A collaborative authoring experience

Collaborate with colleagues by adding comments directly to specific fields within the entry editor. Engage in discussions, involve relevant teammates using the @mention feature, and generate feedback throughout your content workflow.

Collaboration has never been easier.

A Contensis UI screen showing collaboration between editors.

Use your favourite languages and frameworks.

Contensis is language agnostic. Work in React, Angular, or whatever framework you like. We provide a set of RESTful APIs with language wrappers for JavaScript and .NET and comprehensive documentation to get you started.

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We provide extensive, easy to digest documentation to support our community.

Want to find out more?

Contact us for more information or to receive a personalised demonstration of Contensis.