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Avoiding the cliff edge: Why digital transformation should be agile

Making the move to agile for your next CMS and website project shouldn't be scary and this eBook will show you how easy it can be.

28 pages
25 mins read
Should digital transformations be a cliff edge?

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Adopting an incremental, step-by-step release approach for your new CMS and website can make the whole process quicker, less scary and avoids a big-bang release at the end of the project. This eBook outlines how to overcome the fear of trying something new to deliver your digital transformation website project.

Key takeaways

  • The traditional waterfall method of project management doesn't fit modern organisations way of working and can potentially do more harm long term.

  • For website delivery, the agile method can deliver value quickly and ensure goals are met with minimal effort and spend for the first iteration.

  • Digital transformation can avoid big bang style releases with agile project management.


Drew DinneenHead of professional services

Drew is head of professional services at Zengenti, the company behind Contensis.

Joe MillerProduct manager

Joe is a Product Manager at Zengenti working within the Professional Services team.

Robert TurnerScrum master

Rob Turner is a scrum master at Zengenti, and has previously worked on multiple digital transformation projects for higher education providers over a near 20 year period, including the cyclical revamping of entire websites.