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Test single sign on in Contensis

Test Azure AD single sign-on in Contensis

Created by j.moore, last modified by zengenti on 17 Feb 2022

Once you have registered Contensis with Azure AD and set up Azure AD in Contensis, you should see a new Sign in with Azure AD button on the Contensis login screen.

Azure AD sign in

Press Sign in with Azure AD to be redirected to your Azure AD logon screen.

Azure AD logon screen
  1. Enter your email and press Next. Follow the on-screen instructions and you will be logged into Contensis.

If this is the first time a user has logged in, a user will be created in Contensis with a username which matches their AD username. If a Contensis user already exists with the same user name, then the user will be converted to an AD user. No permissions or group assignments will be lost.

All users created via an Azure AD login are added to a system group called AD Users, this enables you to give the AD Users some default permissions.