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Event Subscription

Created by c.neale, last updated 08 Oct 2020

An event subscription resource contains the information related to an Event Subscription.


NameData typeData formatDescriptionExample
idstringuuidThe unique identifier of the subscription as a 128 bit GUID
namestringThe name of the subscription
invokeUrlstringThe url specifying the address to which event notifications should be pushed
enabledbooleanA property indicating if the subscription is currently active
topicsobject[...]topicAn array of topics describing the events to which this subscription has subscribed to
retryPolicystring[...]An array of strings with each element representing a time-span which will be used as the delay between retry attemptsAn array such as [ "00:00:05", "00:00:30", "00:10:00" ] instructs the events service to retry after 5 seconds, again after 30 seconds and, finally, again after 10 minutes
createdBystringThe username of the user who created the subscription
createddatetimedatetimeThe date and time the subscription was created
modifiedBystringThe username of the user who last modified the subscription
modifieddatetimedatetimeThe date and time the subscription was last modified


An example Event Subscription resource

    "id": "3a7ce8e3-9c9f-4242-be20-35edb29c4a07",
    "name": "Content sync",
    "invokeUrl": "",
    "enabled": true,
    "topics": [
            "resourceType": "entry",
            "event": "updated",
            "language": "fr-fr",
            "contentTypeId": "blog",
            "owner": "t.durden"
            "resourceType": "entry",
            "event": "published",
            "contentTypeId": "news",
            "owner": "t.durden"
            "resourceType": "contentType",
            "event": "created"
    "retryPolicy": [
    "createdBy": "t.durden",
    "created": "2020-09-01T08:59:49Z",
    "modifiedBy": "m.singer",
    "modified": "2020-09-05T08:59:49Z"